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Proinert is the ideal/fire protection solution for a wide variety of industries and application. It is a blend of Argon and Nitrogen (IG-55).

Proinert extinguishes a fire by reducing the oxygen concentration to a level that will not sustain a combustion reaction but are acceptable for human exposure over a short period of time.

For a Multi-risk facility, our storage containers and selector valves will enable you to protect several rooms with one bank of containers stored far from the protected areas

The following are the benefits for Proinert;

  • Zero ozone depletion potential (ODP)-These are natural gases which when released automatically return to their natural place in the environment.

  • Zero Global Warming Potential (GWP) – Argon and Nitrogen have no atmospheric lifetime, so they pose no risk to the environment.

  • Similar to air density- At discharge, the Proinert gas mixture possesses a density similar to air, hence; (a.) There is improved penetration from top to bottom of the protected room. (b.) Exceptional extinguishant hold time

  • Easy and economical refill.

  • No secondary combustion products-Argon and Nitrogen do not decompose into toxic or corrosive elements in a fire.

  • No fogging-Ideal for occupied spaces because escape routes remain visible.

  • No residue-No damage to your equipment and no clean up required.

Proinert is globally approved and recognized by the following bodies among others;

 -       UL, FM and LPCB.

It is also included in the following International Standards/Bodies;

-       ISO 14520, EN 14520 and NFPA 2001.